How To Add A Custom Header Graphic To Thesis WordPress Theme Version 1.8

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Sep 7th 2010

A while back I wrote an in depth tutorial on how to add custom code to your thesis installation in order to add a custom header. It was an involved process that included adding code to your custom functions file, custom css added to your custom.css file, and then uploading a header graphic to your FTP site.

Thankfully with the newest version of Thesis, adding a custom header (and a favicon) just got a whole lot easier. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Adding A Custom Header Graphic To Thesis 1.8

Adding a header graphic to your thesis installation is now a simple 3 step process.

Step 1. Create a header graphic to be used on your site.

You can buy your header graphic via this site on the “buy a logo” page.  We have reasonable prices!

Step 2. Go to your Thesis menu in your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Header Image”.

Once you login to WordPress you’ll quickly see the Thesis menu.  Just click on the arrow to open the menu, and click on “Header Image” link as shown in the graphic below.

Step 3.  Upload the Header Image Graphic

Your header menu will tell you the ideal size for your graphic in case you didn’t already know it, in this screenshot the ideal size is 951 pixels.  (you can supply this size to us when you buy your logo design so we create it the right size).    To upload the graphic just click on the “browse” button and find where you have the image saved.   Click on the image, and then on the “Upload” button.  Your header will automatically be uploaded and added to your site.

So there it is – your new header graphic!

Interested in buying Thesis 1.8 – with the ability to easily add header graphics and favicons?  Click on this affiliate link, we’d be forever grateful:

Thesis WordPress Theme Version 1.8

Install the theme, and then buy your logo/header design here:

buy a header design

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2 Responses

  1. Clyde says:

    I have tried your method many times. It won’t work for me. I have thesis 1.8 It shows that the file is uploaded, but won’t display on a page.

    I have tried various guru’s ideas like coding directly into custom.css file, several different ones. Only thing that comes on, is the site title and sometimes the tagline.

    What do you think?

  2. Peter says:

    in looking at your site, i don’t see the header logo information in your custom.css file? It appears to be in your “layout.css” file? Did you try uploading it through the uploader at “thesis/header image”?

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