A few testimonials from people who have used my services:

Great logo and thanks for listening to the show! I saw you in the chat room! Call next time!

Jim Wang
Bargaineering - personal finance blog
Many thanks for the excellent logo, Pete. It was a pleasure working with you and I’m looking forward to getting new logos for the rest of my sites.

Ryan Guina
Cash Money Life
This is the fourth logo Pete has created for my various blogs, in addition to graphics for social media accounts such as Twitter backgrounds, avatars and 125×125 creatives. I appreciate the quality and efficiency of Pete’s work, and recommend him to anyone I come in contact with looking for logo work–from fellow bloggers to corporate contacts.

Jason White
Frugal Dad
Thanks for the excellent work with Canadian Finance Blog’s graphics! Pete has great prices and fast turnaround time. He made small adjustments for me until I was completely satisfied. I recommended him to other bloggers looking to visually take their site to the next level!

Tom Drake
Canadian Finance Blog
Pete, I have been following your work for a while now and like your style. I have been thinking about upgrading the appearance of Blogthority, but had been too busy til now. It was incredible how fast you sent me back samples for both the logo and the banners. Your work is so good that I accepted both samples as final on the very first try!

I’m thrilled with my new logo. A number of clients have asked for it and are displaying it on their websites. I was pleased to have something so high-quality to send them. Thanks so much! And thanks for getting it done so quickly too.

Mrs. Micah
Mrs. Micah
I got a quick response for my logo purchase and an even quicker response on the logo itself. For the money and the service this can’t be beat!! And judging from the other sites that have used this site this is the place to go for a logo!!

Free From Broke
Pete, You did an outstanding job; Were you reading my mind? Even though I didn’t help provide much in the way of direction, you came up with some fantastic ideas and worked w/me until I found just what I was looking for. You turned this out quickly and made sure I had everything I needed. I will definitely be back. Thanks!

Neal Frankle
Wealth Pilgrim
The logo is outstanding. Thanks so much for the high quality results on the first try as well as the quick turnaround!

Consumerism Commentary
It’s about time I left my lame free theme and upgraded to thesis. I knew going in that the logo would make or break the new layout. In my opinion the new logo created by Pete made the theme look even better. If for some reason, Peter hasn’t designed your logo, then what are you waiting for?

Pete was fantastic to work with! I basically gave him a raw idea of what I wanted and the very next morning he emailed me the header you see in the image above. I loved it. I didn’t need any changes made – I think it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks Pete, you really helped make my blog look more professional and classy!

Matt Jabs
Debt Free Adventure

Logosforwebsites.com was exactly what I needed! Thanks to a recommendation from advisor friend Jeff Rose (goodfinancialcents.com), I was connected with Peter. Peter is superbly talented, patient, fast, and has very reasonable costs. He took my limited vision and made it into an amazing vision! Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out by yourself. Make your life much easier by going to logosforwebsites for your website graphics!

Pamela Otten
Financial Mom
Peter did an excellent job, and was very easy to work with. He went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied. I couldn’t be happier with his work.

Rania Combs
Texas Wills And Trusts Lawyer
Pete is awesome to work with! Great work that is swift, edgy and current. I greatly recommend his work. Thanks Pete!

Jim Mahan
Let's Get Training
I can’t overstate what a pleasure it is to work with Pete on design projects. He turns projects around quickly, offers a number of options, and his price is very reasonable. And he does all that even though I’m probably one of his “difficult” clients. Pete has helped me on a number of projects, and I’ve been happy every time.

Dough Roller
This is the third logo Pete has done for us in addition to ones for My Dollar Plan and Pop Top Ranks. His service is fast and the work is always top notch!

Tax Gab
Thanks so much for your work on my logos! At first I was worried about what my design would look like, if I would like it, would I be stuck if I didn't like it, or would I get my money's worth. Well, after chatting with Pete I decided to take the plunge and I couldn't be happier! He gave me a fair price and he did the banner/logo, background on my blog, a favicon, and a twitter background that is all tied together! Pete was patient with me when I asked him to make modifications for this or that, and he was really helpful to me through the whole process.

Matthew Parrott
Discipleship Guy
I’ve been working with Peter for almost a year now, and he has always done a great job for me. On a few projects, his very first concept just flat out nailed it. On the other projects, he’s been able to perfectly understand my feedback and direction, and adjust very quickly. I’m a perfectionist, and in the past I’ve gone through many, many revisions with random people on eLance (like 10-15+). I don’t think I’ve ever gone past 3 or 4 revisions with Peter. That is usually because I change MY mind – not because he doesn’t have an almost uncanny ability to just know exactly what I want, even when I don’t know! Another great project at a price that was more than fair – doesn’t get much better than that...

Scott Harvey
Solutions Financial, LLC
Hey Pete, I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome logo and gravatars. You quickly figured out exactly what I wanted and delivered it much faster than I expected. I'd recommend your service to anyone looking for quality logos.

Mike Collins
Saving Money Today
My logo was very important to me and I was concerned about where to go to get it done! I’m definitely glad I found Pete here at Logos for Websites. I was impressed the most by two things with working with Pete. #1) His portfolio speaks for it’s self and #2) The speed of his work!

One of my favorite sayings is “Success loves Speed”-Gary Ryan Blair! And Pete definitely encompasses this mantra! And the best part is the speed of his work did not take away from the quality of it! I will definitely be coming back to Pete for future projects!

Carlos Frank
Good Steward Keys
Thanks for the logo design, Pete! It turned out exactly as I envisioned it (OK, not quite exactly, it was actually better; I love the textured layer you added on top, which wasn't something I would have thought of, but I love it!). Thanks for the great work! 🙂

Ryan Guina
The Military Wallet

Thanks, Pete. The logo looks great like always. Love your work!

Hidden Compartment Safes
I highly recommend Pete to anyone that needs graphics/logos for their website, blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

Ordering online is very easy through PayPal. The initial form you complete has the appropriate questions to allow Pete to come up with a great working draft. Pete got back to me within a day of my order. He let me know he had one project ahead that he was completing. I let Pete know I was in no hurry and that I just wanted everything by the end of the month. Pete could have but me on the back burner but he didn’t and I had a draft later that night.

The next morning I sent him my new ideas. Pete made updates within minutes of me emailing him my new suggests. Pete even went as far as sending multiple drafts with slightly different fonts or different ideas we discussed along the way. I thought I had my logos completed and let Pete know this. Then I got a second opinion that made me change my mind. I shot Pete an email asking for a change without a hesitation Pete had my updated idea back to me. A couple more tweaks and I was a happy camper.

Pete went above and beyond what I was expecting. Do yourself a favor and talk to Pete about your needs, he can help.

Chris @ cfcents.com
Common Financial Cents
We love the look and feel. Peter is fantastic to work with!

Sustainable PF
Sustainable Personal Finance
Thanks for your help in creating my new header and logo. It turned out great! Other than the title I really had no idea what I wanted and I’m thrilled with the finished product., Thanks again.

Lee Silverstein

Lee Silverstein
Thank you Peter!
It has been a pleasure working with you. We went through quite a few iteration and I think the result is great!
Peter was very patient and accommodating, I couldn’t recommend him high enough.

Retire By 40
Thanks for creating such a great logo! I really do love it.

Miranda Marquit
Planting Money Seeds
You did a great job on the logo and related graphics. I appreciated how you quickly figured out what I needed, with few revisions. Thanks again!

Tie The Money Knot
Tie The Money Knot
Logos for websites was a dream to work with. The value of the product for the price given was off the charts as several alterations were asked for and accommodated at no extra courses. We will definitely be back for more and are extremely happy with the results!

T.M @ My University Money
My University Money
I've used LogosForWebsites for a number of projects and Peter has always been very easy to work with. Every time I've had him work on some quick logos for me, I've been blown away by his turn-around time and how responsive he is. Will definitely use him again for any affiliate sites I create.

Melanie Phung


Logos for websites was a dream to work with. The value of the product for the price given was off the charts as several alterations were asked for and accommodated at no extra courses. We will definitely be back for more and are extremely happy with the results!

T.M @ My University Money
My University Money
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Logos for websites was a dream to work with. The value of the product for the price given was off the charts as several alterations were asked for and accommodated at no extra courses. We will definitely be back for more and are extremely happy with the results!

T.M @ My University Money
My University Money
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