Ebook Cover And Promotional Materials Created: Money School For Couples

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Dec 5th 2009
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I worked with my friend Neal Frankle over at http://wealthpilgrim.com on an ebook cover and other promotional materials for his new online course called “Money School For Couples – How To Save Your Marriage And Your Money At The Same Time“.  It sounds like it’ll be a great program with online videos, workbook, excel spreadsheets and more.   It should be launching soon so stay tuned to his blog! moneyschool

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  1. Pete,

    You did an outstanding job; Were you reading my mind? Even though I didn’t help provide much in the way of direction, you came up with some fantastic ideas and worked w/me until I found just what I was looking for.

    You turned this out quickly and made sure I had everything I needed. I will definitely be back. Thanks!

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