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Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Coummunity
Nov 30th 2009

I’ve written quite a bit about the Thesis WordPress Theme here on this site, mainly because I use it for all of my sites and i can vouch that it’s a great theme – with great SEO and ease of use.

In the past few months a lot of great new premium themes have been popping up that are really competing with Thesis, or in some cases even attempting to surpass it in ease of use.


One great new theme that I discovered a while back, but that has made some great strides in recent months is the Dynamik Theme from Eric Hamm. I used the Dynamik Theme for one of my sites back in it’s 1.0 iteration, but at the time it didn’t have half of the features that the current 3.0 version does. I’ve been extremely impressed with the wide selection of features that the 3.0 version of the theme has including great SEO options, layout settings, content management system options and a ton more. I think it really could be one of the more impressive newer premium themes options available, and I urge everyone to give it a look.

Some of the features of Dynamik Theme (from their site):

  • With frugal you’re giving your WordPress website a boost in SEO with In-Post/In-Page SEO options, along with full control over the layout of your many page titles, NoIndex/NoFollow options, Canonical URLs and much more!
  • frugal is built off a framework design with many different hooks to give the user plenty of room to add custom content and grow as their website’s content requires it.
  • With frugal, when it comes to dimensions, you’re just a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes away from the width of your choosing. All of the many sidebars have width control, as well as the main content column.
  • Also, you’re given all kinds of layout options such as: sidebar right, sidebar left, double sidebar left, double sidebar right, double sidebar (on either side of the content) and no sidebar. And that’s just the main content area…
  • Your CMS Page Templates have their own set of sidebars that give you both layout (left sidebar, right sidebar, double sidebar and no sidebar) and sidebar widths.
  • And don’t forget your Static Homepage. If activated it gives you TONS of layout options to effectively feature your content. More on that further down the list…
  • Gives You Full Control Over The Design Of Your Website With NO CODING NECESSARY:cc_font_options
  • Continuing with the NO CODING mantra, frugal allows almost every aspect of adjustment for your fonts; all from your frugal Theme Options area. We’re talking FONT: type, size, color, link color, link hover color, weight, alignment, line-height and letter-spacing. Now that’s what I call FULL CONTROL!!
  • frugal offers a WIDE ARRAY of CMS (content management system) options and page templates that give you all the flexibility you need to grow with your WordPress website.
  • You’ll not only find a robust static homepage option to showcase your featured content, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of the multiple CMS Page Templates that house their very own sidebars and layout options.
  • With the Static Homepage you can activate and customize a page that takes the homepage of your WordPress Website far beyond the latest posts or a simple static page. You’re given the ability to showcase latest posts, specified posts or posts by categories. Also show case a specific page and add content to many of the different homepage widgets. It even gets its very own sidebar!
  • With frugal you can either choose to stick with the stock text logo, add your own image logo or even turn your header area into a custom hook to hook a fully custom header into its place. And with these options comes the ability to easily adjust fonts (and you know I’m not talking just font type) margins, padding, width, height, etc…

Check out this video giving some details of the theme, I think you’ll be impressed.

So those are just a few of the options of the Frugal WordPress Theme. Find out more details at the Dynamik Theme Website:

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2 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    For my mind the strongest competitor to Thesis right now is ATAHUALPA by bytesforall – we’ve used it many times. Some things don’t work as well as Thesis, but the 4 sidebar configuration beats Thesis any old day. Also their custom CSS is even easier to work with IMHO.

    But that said, you get what you pay for – Atahualpa is free, therefore you really need to know what you’re doing to get best results (Although their support forums are pretty top notch) and Thesis has the kind of support and community you’d expect at that price level of WordPress customization.

    (I like and use both BTW 😉

  2. Peter says:

    I’ve seen several friends using that theme, and they seem to like it. I don’t have any experience with it myself, but thanks for your feedback!

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