Thesis WordPress Theme Version 1.6 Is Now Out And It Allows Drop Down Navigation And Customizable Colors

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Coummunity
Oct 28th 2009
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I’ve talked a lot about Thesis on this site, mainly because I think it’s one of the best wordpress themes available. I have 3 sites that I use Thesis on, and it allows me to make each one custom without a lot of hassle.

Within the past couple of days Thesis has launched an update, version 1.6, that makes Thesis even easier to use than before. The update gives even more control over the fonts, background colors, and most especially the navigation menus.  You can now have drop down navigation menus without any extra plugins or hassle. How cool is that?


Thesis Theme 1.6 Updates And Enhancements

So what were some of the things found in the 1.6 update?

  • New  design and color options: change fonts and colors pretty much anywhere in the theme. That means background colors, nav menus – pretty much anywhere!   Before you had to do this through the custom.css file.  Now you can do it right through the options menu.
  • Automatic dropdown nav menu: You can now add drop down navigation menus to your Thesis themed site, something that is completely new since the last update.   (check out the video below for setting these up).
  • Custom file editor in your WordPress dashboard: Now you can edit your custom.css file directly in the wordpress dashboard without the need for extra plugins.  It’s extremely handy,  I’ve already used it several times!
  • New options menu in the WordPress dashboard: Thesis now gets it’s own options/menu placement in wordpress so it’s always easy to find!
  • Other miscellaneous fixes: fixes for post images and thumbnails, IE specific styles and a few other bugs.

Setting Up Your New Drop Down Navigation Menus In Thesis WordPress Theme

Now that Thesis has drop down menus, there’s just the small matter of getting them setup.  So how do you do that? Luckily Chris Pearson, the genius behind Thesis, has done a screencast to walk you through it.  Check it out below and enjoy!

Are you finally convinced that Thesis is the greatest? It may be time for you to take the plunge. Buy your copy of the Thesis WordPress Theme through my affiliate link here:

Find out more details about how to customize your version of Thesis here.
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